Spotlight Series: Meet Carmel Dibner

As the first installment in our Spotlight Series, we'll be speaking to Carmel Dibner, a principal at Applied Marketing Scienc... read more →

Your Customer is Calling. Are you Listening?

By Carmel Dibner Every day, people call customer service lines with comments, questions, and complaints. read more →

Commentary on “The Effect of Calorie Posting Regulation on Consumer Opinion” Article

By Gerry Katz Some comments on "The Effect of Calorie Posting Regulation on Consumer Opinion" by Dinesh Puranam, Vishal Naray... read more →

Ideas to Watch in Market Research - 2018

By John Mitchell December is the season for predictions. What does 2018 hold for market researchers? Here are three trends I ... read more →

Uncovering Hidden Insights with Machine Learning

By Carmel Dibner The ultimate measure of successful research in a mature and well-understood category hinges on its ability t... read more →

Market Research for Innovative Medical Products

By John Mitchell A thorough understanding of customer insights and experience is critical to innovation within any product ca... read more →

Commentary of Consumer Preference Elicitation of Complex Products Using Fuzzy Support Vector Machine Active Learning Article

By Steve Gaskin Some Comments on Dongling Huang and Lan Luo’s “Consumer Preference Elicitation of Complex Products Using Fuzz... read more →

Machine Learning: When Primary Research Becomes Secondary

By Carmel Dibner What's your go-to strategy when you’re in-search of actionable insights to inform new product development? read more →

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