Finding Insights in Healthcare Markets

Our clients often tell us that many research firms are not up to the task of finding insights in medical markets. They lack the knowledge to understand clinical areas—anatomy, disease states, and both common and uncommon therapies. They are unfamiliar with the thicket of regulations that govern both the development of medical devices and the execution of market research with clinicians and non-clinical healthcare professionals. They do not appreciate the extraordinary complexity and risk involved in the multi-year process of developing and marketing new devices and drugs. In short, finding qualified research partners for healthcare studies is a constant struggle.

Since Applied Marketing Science’s founding in 1989, healthcare—medical devices, diagnostics, pharmaceutical, and insurance— has been one of our largest industry categories and an area of particular expertise for our professionals. Clients rely on us to help them innovate, whether by uncovering physician needs to develop the next generation of implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs), studying the challenges of administering vaccines to impoverished communities in sub-Saharan Africa, or helping understand cancer diagnosis and treatment from the patient perspective.

Last week, we added a new “Insights for Healthcare Markets” hub on the AMS Insights for Innovation practice website, detailing the research and consulting services we offer to global medical-device, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical companies. Highlights include: medical market assessment & sizing, patient & clinician journey mapping, medical ethnography, conjoint analysis for medical markets, and other areas of expertise.

If you are interested in learning how AMS can help you accelerate innovation in medical products, please contact us today.

Tags: Medical Products and Pharmaceuticals

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