4 Tips for Conducting Voice of the Customer Interviews

By Andrea Ruttenberg, Ph.D. The goal of a Voice of the Customer interview is to understand your customers’ (or potential cust... read more →

Does Your Company Need a Voice of the Customer Survey?

A typical Voice of the Customer project takes time (typically 2-4 months), and it can be tempting to skip steps-- especially ... read more →

Behind the Name: Defining Voice of the Customer

By John Burns, PhD Everyone seems to use the term Voice of the Customer these days. But what do they mean when they say Voice... read more →

Choosing the Right Partner for Medical Device Market Research

By John Mitchell The medical device market is among the most complex in the world. Products take a long time to bring to mark... read more →

Advertising Claims: Your Brand's Elevator Pitch

Claims are the elevator pitch for your product or brand. They tout unique product benefits succinctly and convincingly. As an... read more →

Spotlight: Meet John Burns

In the latest of our Spotlight Series, we’ll be speaking to John Burns, Principal at Applied Marketing Science. John has been... read more →

Technology Is Changing Ethnography. Are You Changing Too?

By John Burns, Ph.D. Ethnographies traditionally involve watching people live and in-person as they use your product or servi... read more →

What Makes for a Good Customer Journey Map? {Video}

Watch as Applied Marketing Science President and Managing Principal, John Mitchell, CCXP, discusses journey mapping, a growin... read more →

The Power of Patient Journey Maps

By John Mitchell If you are an innovator at a medical device or pharmaceutical company,  you probably routinely interview, ob... read more →

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