AMS Machine Learning Study for Boston Children’s Hospital Wins Quirk’s Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Award

Applied Marketing Science, Inc. (AMS) is pleased to announce that a recent study conducted on behalf of Boston Children’s Hos... read more →

[New Infographic] 5 Key Points to Remember for Successful Healthcare Market Research

Are you working towards improving the patient experience through innovation? Having a deep understanding of your customers’ n... read more →

Better Journey Maps, Happier Clinicians & Patients: AMS Presenting at Intellus 2023

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) President and Managing Principal John Mitchell will be presenting at the Intellus Worldwide S... read more →

How Can Companies in B2B Industries Become Serial Innovators?

By Kristyn Corrigan In today’s competitive landscape, customer insights alone are not enough for a business to thrive. A corp... read more →

Lessons Learned from Listening to the Voice of the Patient

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 catalyzed a substantial change in telehealth usage, as healthcare providers ... read more →

AMS Research Analyzes Telemedicine Usage During the Pandemic

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) recently released findings from a Voice of the Customer (VOC) study on patients throughout th... read more →

Applied Marketing Science COVID-19 Research Published in Employee Benefit News

A study by Applied Marketing Science (AMS) was recently published in Employee Benefit News, a media source focused on providi... read more →

Research conducted by AMS shows immediate demand for at-home COVID-19 testing from consumers, employers and payors

According to research conducted by Applied Marketing Science (AMS), an overwhelming majority of consumers would take at-home ... read more →

New Research Shows How Telemedicine is Reshaping the Patient Experience

By John Mitchell The notion of a “paradigm shift” is among the most shopworn ideas in business, but occasionally it actually ... read more →

Staying Close to Medical Customers in the Era of “6 Feet Apart”

By John Mitchell Nearly overnight, the rules for conducting Voice of the Customer research have completely changed in every i... read more →

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