AMS and Winnebago Discuss Technology-Led Innovative Design at the 2022 Insights Association Corporate Researchers Conference

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) Principal Patty Yanes and Senior Manager Rachael Settipani recently presented alongside Nick ... read more →

Some Trends are Here to Stay: COVID-19 and the Consumer Appliance Industry 

By Carmel Dibner The COVID-19 pandemic has led to sweeping lifestyle changes in terms of how Americans are living, working, a... read more →

Spotlight Series: Meet John Mitchell

In the second installment of our Spotlight Series, we'll be speaking to John Mitchell, President and Managing Principal at Ap... read more →

Why Consumer Products and Machine Learning Are a Perfect Match

Consumers write lots of online reviews and blog posts. Pick a product. Type in a search for information, and you’ll find more... read more →

Machine Learning: When Primary Research Becomes Secondary

By Carmel Dibner What's your go-to strategy when you’re in-search of actionable insights to inform new product development? read more →

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