Making Voice of the Customer a Built-In Capability for Your Company

Organizational processes have momentum. It’s not easy to implement a new process or adopt new best practices within an organization.

Developing a new capability within your organization involves equipping the team with both theoretical and tactical knowledge. It also involves providing the team with an opportunity to practice methods learned by applying the techniques shortly after the instruction is complete. Voice of the Customer (VOC) is no exception.

While many who participate in Voice of the Customer training are ready to apply the techniques to their organization immediately, others recognize the value of the techniques but face challenges applying them.

Common barriers to applying VOC include:

  • Few trained team members: In some organizations, only a few team members receive formal VOC training, posing the challenge of finding trained staff to work on VOC implementation
  • Team bandwidth: VOC research takes time to complete and some teams don’t have the bandwidth to recruit respondents, conduct interviews, read transcripts, and analyze the results

Teams conducting VOC for the first time are most likely to face these barriers as they are still climbing the VOC learning curve.

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) recognizes these challenges and has developed VOC Navigator to address them. The hybrid process combines training, coaching, project management and analytical support.

How do we do it? We provide your team with VOC training and follow-on support as you apply the tools and techniques to a real project for your organization. Your team benefits from our decades of VOC experience, and we help you to make customer-driven research a built-in capability for your company. We coach you on interviews, analysis, and the interpretation of the results ― everything from designing the study through concept development and testing and all VOC-related activity in between.

AMS helps you build a repeatable VOC process that relies on proven, practical methods for developing successful new products. We help you develop internal VOC experts as we work with you to spread best practices throughout your organization. In the end, we save you money in the future by allowing you to keep more of your research in-house.  

Find out how we can help you overcome your VOC obstacles. Contact us today or join us for the next open-enrollment session of our acclaimed Voice of the Customer training workshop.

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