Your Customer is Calling. Are you Listening?

By Carmel Dibner

Every day, people call customer service lines with comments, questions, and complaints.

Product developers and brand managers are often far removed from these customer interactions. Moreover, most companies do little to systematically analyze these interactions for insights that could lead to both incremental improvement and breakthrough innovation ideas. Product developers and brand managers simply don’t have the time to listen in on the calls, review audio recordings, or read through notes or transcripts.

This is a missed opportunity, because the information is rich and detailed. Customers typically call when they have something important to say. They often call at a “moment of truth,” when they’re highly engaged with your brand and eager to express their opinion. These conversations provide insight into your product, service, and the overall customer experience with your brand. This includes questions customers have about the product or service, quality issues, usage occasions, customers’ wants and needs, and features or functionalities customers wish were available.

With machine learning you can now mine call center data for insights quickly and efficiently. Using an algorithm developed along with researchers at MIT, AMS can analyze this data to identify what your product does well and where it’s lacking. We also highlight customers’ suggestions for improving your product or service.

Working from call center notes or, even better, transcripts, our approach combines machine learning with thoughtful human analysis to uncover insights quickly and effectively. It regularly identifies more than one-hundred customer insights from half a million or more customer call center records and can be completed in a few weeks. When available, we link each insight to the original customer verbatim (word for word comment) so you can fully appreciate the insight in the context in which it was originally expressed. And, as one of our clients recently noted, the best part is that the machine is objective, free from any biases or corporate agendas.

With machine learning, you can be confident that no insight is overlooked. In fact, in some categories, a thorough analysis of call center data reduces the need for primary qualitative research, saving our clients time and money.

You can learn more about the power of machine learning in our recent webinar.

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