3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in VOC Training This October

Whether you’re a product developer, engineer, product manager, marketing manager, innovation lead, R&D specialist, or an [insert job title here] who is responsible for product, service, and customer experience innovation, our Listening to the Voice of the Customer (VOC) course was designed for you! (Especially if you’re new to market research or the Voice of the Customer methodology.) 

We often talk with product managers and marketers who are eager to conduct market research to understand their customers better. Despite their excitement, some face internal pushback from firm leaders, who wonder if it is worth the time, effort and money to complete a VOC study or train their team to conduct VOC research. A well-executed VOC market research project is almost always worth it; and we’re here to help you gain leadership buy in. 

So, why should you attend this course? 

One of the main benefits of VOC research is that it helps mitigate risks. Often, we see that leaders are afraid to take risks when it comes to innovating products or services. If you’re focusing on the needs of your current and prospective customers, which VOC allows you to do in depth, you are more likely to: 

  • Create a product that surprises and delights the customer 
  • Understand how different types of customers will respond to your updated service 
  • Build messaging that taps into critical needs 
  • Prioritize product features effectively 
  • Develop unique products distinct from your competitors’ offerings 

Secondly, VOC research can help you build a common vision and shared strategic goals, and various departments can reap the benefits in different ways. For example, product developers will learn customers’ most important needs, whereas those in sales and marketing will learn the particular needs of each customer. Customer experience managers will learn where customers experience their most critical needs during their purchase journey, and engineering and manufacturing will learn what needs to focus on when defining specifications.   

Lastly, we know that budget can be a major roadblock when it comes to leadership buy-in. However, a well-executed market research study pays for itself. By truly understanding your customers’ needs, you'll spend less time addressing missteps and ultimately bring in more revenue.    

With two days jam-packed with the fundamentals you need for customer-oriented product development – from learning how VOC fits into the product development process, to analyzing customer interviews and prioritizing your findings – this course will set you on the right path towards innovation success. We hope to see you this October! 

Learn more about the upcoming VOC workshop: 

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For past course attendees and seasoned market researchers, we also offer a variety of customizable training courses to build upon concepts taught in our VOC course. Learn more about our training offerings here. 

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