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A study by Applied Marketing Science (AMS) was recently published in Employee Benefit News, a media source focused on providing benefits professionals a resource to help navigate the complexities of employee benefit planning and delivery. The article At-home COVID tests should be part of your return to work plans” focuses on why companies should consider frequent COVID testing as part of back-to-office planning for companies. 

The article highlights survey research conducted by AMS, specifically noting data that shows that ninety percent of consumers would use an at-home COVID-19 test and half would use a test at least once per month. Furthermore83% of employers would be interested in providing testing services for employees.  

See an article excerpt below: 

Ninety percent of consumers would use an at-home COVID-19 test and half would use a test at least once per month, according to a survey conducted by Applied Marketing Science, a market research and consulting firm. In response, 83% of employers said they would be interested in providing testing services for employees. 

“As we near the one-year mark of the global shutdown, people are desperate for life to return to normal,” John Mitchell, president and managing principal of AMS, said in a release. “Our research shows how we can increase accessibility to testing, giving health officials more targeted ways to fight the pandemic and helping more schools, public services and businesses reopen.” 

More than half of employers would be extremely likely to adopt an app based on at-home COVID tests, the survey found. First, the employee would watch an instructional video on an app that would give them step-by-step instructions on how to administer the test. Then, the employee would test themselves and use the app to receive the results. 

The benefit for employers is not only to facilitate the re-opening of businesses, but to keep infection rates low once they do, according to Carmel Dibner, principal at Applied Marketing Science. 

“Most employers would want testing between once a week to once a month,” she says. “They’re particularly interested in testing in case an employee came in contact with someone who had a confirmed COVID infection or if an employee was suspected to have COVID-19 and wanted to come back to the workplace.” 

To finance the effort, 33% of employers would consider paying for the tests entirely and 66% of employers would pay between $5-35 per test, the survey found. 

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This primary research study was conducted by AMS, led by Principal Carmel Dibner, in August - September 2020. It explores general consumer, payor and employer attitudes towards and adoption of at-home diagnostics, and the willingness to pay for at-home COVID-19 testing. Data was gathered through three 15-minute web-based surveys. Participants included 3,870 consumers, 78 payors and 250 employers. The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation provided funding for the study.   

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