Listening to the Voice of the Customer in a Post-Pandemic World

Join Applied Marketing Science (AMS) for the upcoming webcast“Embracing Change: Listening to the Voice of the Customer in a Post-Pandemic World”presented by Kristyn Corrigan and Carmel Dibner and broadcasted by All Things Innovation. See below for a brief description of the upcoming webcast: 

COVID-19 has changed customer wants, needs and expectations across virtually every industry. Many of these changes will be the “new normal” in a post-pandemic world. Companies in a wide range of industries have turned to Voice of the Customer (VOC) research to better understand, and adapt, to these changing customer needs. Learn how VOC research is helping leading brands to successfully transform their businesses to meet customer demands after the pandemic. During this session, research experts will share real-life case studies from several industries that demonstrate how VOC techniques have evolved to uncover transformative insights quickly and economically during this pivotal time. Join Kristyn and Carmel as they share some of the innovative ways in which companies are disrupting their industries in order to better serve and retain their customers. 

All Things Innovation is the ultimate year-round resource for R&D and Innovation leaders in the trenches. With constant connection to new content and new perspectives, you get the tips and tricks you need to stay agile and opportunistic in your approach to innovation, adaption, and disruptionOur team at Applied Marketing Science is looking forward to collaborating with All Things Innovation, and we hope to see you there. 

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