AMS Vice Chairman Gerry Katz Featured on "The Everyday Innovator"

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) is pleased to share a recent Podcast that was featured on “The Everyday Innovator” with Chad McAllister. Chad and Gerry discuss the history and definition of Voice of the Customer and how product managers can conduct their own successful VOC studies. In addition, they discuss the role of VOC in innovation and why it has become such a critical component in achieving new product and service success.

According to McAllister, “When it comes to VOC experts, there are only a handful of people that match the experience of my guest today, helping hundreds of companies with VOC research and training many more practitioners.”

Click here to hear the entire podcast.

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) provides market research and consulting to improve product and service innovation and deliver expert witness testimony in business litigation. Established in 1989 with roots in the MIT Sloan School of Management, AMS offers an array of services to meet client needs and specializes in developing customized solutions for each situation. AMS has utilized conjoint analysis to help clients answer a variety of business questions in both innovation and litigation research.

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