Applied Marketing Science Conjoint Research Shows Value of Twitter for Customer Service

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) is pleased to share a recent Podcast by Social Media Today featuring Wayne Huang, a researcher at Twitter. Wayne describes recent conjoint research conducted by AMS on behalf of Twitter, Inc. Focusing on the airline industry, the study analyzed customer interactions between airlines and their customers. The study demonstrates that receiving a prompt response to Tweets results in a greater willingness to spend for tickets, clearly establishing the value of Twitter as a customer service platform.

The study, which involved more than 1,000 Twitter users, utilized a market simulation task known as conjoint, or choice-based, analysis. AMS used the results to develop a statistical model that measured the willingness of customers to spend on major airlines based on customer service interactions.

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Wayne presented these study results at the Marketing Analytics & Data Science Conference in San Francisco, CA in June 2016.

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) provides market research and consulting to improve product and service innovation and deliver expert witness testimony in business litigation. Established in 1989 with roots in the MIT Sloan School of Management, AMS offers an array of services to meet client needs and specializes in developing customized solutions for each situation. AMS has utilized conjoint analysis to help clients answer a variety of business questions in both innovation and litigation research.

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