The Key to Better Understanding Customers in 2022 [New Article]

Do you talk to customers often, but learn nothing new? Do you struggle to fill your product pipeline with good ideas or kill bad ones? Are competitors out-innovating you? Perhaps you need to refocus your team on solving the right customer problems. 

Kristyn Corrigan of Applied Marketing Science recently published a thought leadership piece in the January/ February 2022 Issue of Quirk’s Marketing Research Review Magazine. In this special “State of the Industry” editorial section, Kristyn discusses how a strong customer insights strategy can help companies stay competitive in today’s constantly changing environment. She also describes some of the biggest obstacles that teams will face when it comes to understanding customers and their needs, and how those obstacles can be tackled head on with insight training and capability-building programs. 

Access the full article, “The Key to Better Understanding Customers in 2022” to learn how you can start building your customer insights capabilities from the ground up. 

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