Faster, Better, Cheaper: How To Avoid Generalities When Uncovering Customer Needs

Chances are, when you conduct customer interviews as part of new product development, one of the questions on your list is: “What are you looking for?” Unfortunately, vague questions will only generate vague answers. You will hear generalities— “faster,” “cheaper,” “better”—or features your competitors already offer.  

It’s difficult to develop products that satisfy even the most unstated customer needs when all you know are vague descriptions of what they think they need. Voice of the Customer market research allows you to dig deeper into what your customers really need. With our first session sold out, you won't want to miss our second virtual “Listening to the Voice of the Customer” course running from June 26th through the 29th. Seats are already filling up for Session 2, so make sure to sign up and secure your spot! 

Over the course of four days, you’ll learn to scope a study, choose the right customer to interview, and ideate on key customer needs, as well as strategies for concept testing and pricing, as well as how to conduct VOC research on a budget. The best part? You’ll leave with a full VOC plan to deploy for your next project. View our course overview for full details. 

With plenty of discussion, idea-sharing, and networking opportunities woven into each session, past participants have found tremendous value in gaining new perspectives on customer needs to take their product development to the next level. We cap our courses at 15 participants to ensure everyone gets to voice their questions and ideas – and we only have 5 seats remaining!  

Successful products and services begin with comprehensive customer insights. Join us virtually this June to accelerate your innovation journey! 

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