Lessons Learned from Listening to the Voice of the Patient

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 catalyzed a substantial change in telehealth usage, as healthcare providers (HCPs) closed their offices to all but the most urgent cases. Suddenly, patients were relying on the telehealth experience for almost all their medical appointments. Having extensively worked with many healthcare-related companies and organizations, our own researchers were keen to explore this market and the seismic shift brought on by the pandemic. Our research sought a better understanding of the increased prevalence of telehealth, including how many people were using it and if there were differences in how people used it.  

Real insights come from examining customer experiences and understanding customers’ needs, leading our team to apply our systematic Voice of the Customer methodology to learn more about patients and their experiences using telehealth services. The findings included information about why people preferred telemedicine (with some surprising results!), expected usage for telemedicine after the pandemic, and even opportunities for improvements in the telehealth experience overall.  

To learn more about the research findings and what the future of the industry looks like in the eyes of researchers, register for our upcoming webinar, “The Future of Telehealth: Lessons Learned from Listening to the Voice of the Patient”. 

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Tags: Medical Products and Pharmaceuticals , Voice of the Customer

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