Applied Marketing Science Launches New Website and Extensive Customer Insights Resource Center

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) is excited to announce a new website that features a comprehensive resource center aimed at helping brands put customer insights at the center of their business decisions. 
The new website is designed to empower business-to-business, medical and consumer brands to answer key business questions using market research. The resources section filters by industry and research method, helping visitors to discover relevant content for even the most niche industries. 

“This site was created with the user experience in mind,” says Kristyn Corrigan, a principal and Innovation Practice lead at AMS. “As a customer insights and strategy consulting firm, we understand the innovation challenges that businesses face. The website is a resource for brands to learn how market research can uncover the comprehensive insights they need to successfully innovate in today’s changing environment” says Corrigan. 

The new site also features an extensive Voice of the Customer insights training section where visitors can learn more about private workshops for their teams and register for public sessions.  

AMS invites visitors to explore the content-rich resource center on the new website. “Website visitors can stay informed with the latest AMS content and industry news by joining our email subscription list,” says Corrigan. “Our goal is to provide fresh and informative content to subscribers through our articles, blog posts, case studies, guides, videos, webinars, and whitepapers.”  

Explore the resources center

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