Frequently Asked Questions about Voice of the Customer Training

Voice of the Customer (VOC) is a systematic method for listening to and empathizing with customers to identify and prioritize which unmet needs to focus on. 

Over the past 30 years, AMS has trained well over 3,000 product development professionals in our acclaimed Voice of the Customer methodology. Not sure if the course is right for you? In this blog, we answer Frequently Asked Questions about our Voice of the Customer Training.

Who is this training most beneficial for? 
Attendees typically include professionals with a range of roles including innovation, insights, product development, product management, research and development, engineering and marketing. It’s optimal to train a cross functional group to build buy-in for a voice of the customer mindset across the organization. 

What is the structure of the course-- mostly lecture? Exercises? 
The workshop is delivered in a lively and interactive format, incorporating a combination of lecture and hands-on exercises. Topics include planning your study, recruiting respondents, interviewing and observational techniques, analyzing information, and taking action on the results. 

Does the course integrate real-world examples? 
Yes. All AMS instructors are seasoned Voice of the Customer practitioners with decades of experience conducting research engagements. Our instructors bring their wealth of experience conducting VOC across B2B, B2C and Medical categories, and attendees often praise the number of real-word examples incorporated into the course. 

Are there job aids or templates available for use after the course? 
After the course, you will receive exclusive access to our online Voice of the Customer Toolkit. This online portal provides you with the necessary resources for embarking on a Voice of the Customer study. You’ll receive sample planning grids, discussion guide templates, survey templates and more. It also links to helpful articles and webinars to provide both context and refreshers on the techniques learned in the course. 

How can I be sure that I can apply what I’ve learned? 
AMS strives to provide learning that is practical and actionable.  In addition to the online VOC toolkit, after the course our instructors will be available to answer any questions as they arise. Should your company need assistance with any element of your VOC engagement, AMS frequently partners with companies to support execution – this includes everything from sample definition, recruitment, discussion guide development, interviewing, analysis, survey development and reporting. 

Should I bring training in-house or attend one of AMS’s open-to-the-public sessions? 
If you have more than 10 individuals to train, you may benefit from bringing the course in-house. This also allows the instructors to customize modules and examples to your industry. This being said, many professionals find it just as beneficial to attend one of AMS’s public courses – this is particularly beneficial if you just have a few individuals to train, want to bring new team members up to speed on VOC or if you’re vetting the course to bring in-house at your company. 

How have companies acted on their VOC training in the past? 
After the workshop, attendees will have the tools to scope, execute and analyze their own VOC initiatives. Many clients use the lessons learned in this workshop as part of larger, strategic innovation efforts or to inform incremental innovation or line extensions.  

For more information on courses, visit our Training and Coaching hub, or reach out to our team of expert VOC consultants today.

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