What is the Value of Customer Service via Twitter?

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) has been in the news lately for a recent study that we conducted on behalf of Twitter, Inc. The study, which focuses on the value of customer service from businesses on Twitter, shows that businesses can benefit significantly from investing in helping their customers via the social media platform.

Using the conjoint analysis method, AMS and Twitter, Inc. found that customers who received replies from businesses were more satisfied with their experience, more willing to recommend the business, and willing to pay more money for that business’s products in the future—especially if the consumer received a quick response.

This study, which looked at US quick service restaurant (QSR) and telecom industries, expands upon research conducted last year that focused on the U.S. airline industry.

For more details, see the featured articles below:

Tags: Travel, Logistics and Hospitality , Technology and Telecommunications , Conjoint Analysis and Discrete Choice

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