Whitepaper: How Data-Driven Journey Maps Can Uncover Customer Loyalty

By Kristyn Corrigan

In today’s competitive landscape, it’s more important than ever to have a thorough understanding of how your customers want to be treated.  Journey mapping is a methodology that provides us with a tangible, structured, and actionable understanding of what customers want, and how and when to meet their needs.   

This whitepaper highlights the power of combining qualitative journey mapping insights with quantitative data, to uncover what needs, tasks, and touchpoints are most influential in driving purchase.  Learn research techniques to arrive at: 

  • Where you’re losing or at the most risk of losing customers 
  • The drivers of customer loyalty 
  • The most influential touchpoints  
  • The tasks which customers are most and least satisfied with 
  • Specific areas of the journey in which to focus innovation 

Walk through this illustrative case example to better understand how you can use journey mapping techniques to transform customer experience. Access the whitepaper

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