All Eyes on Innovation – Starting with a VOC Workshop in June!

What’s your vision for innovation success in 2023? Does it involve designing next-level products and services? Gaining a competitive edge? Refining your approach to innovation? 

Getting to the heart of what your customers really need is key to product development success. Join Applied Marketing Science (AMS) for our “Listening to the Voice of the Customer” course – offered virtually from June 5th through the 8th, 2023 

Each day of our recently-revamped workshop features four hours of dynamic instruction and interactive activities, with each module designed to ensure that you will leave with a full plan – and the confidence you need – to tackle your next market research project. Not only will you learn how to execute Voice of the Customer (VOC) methods to collect game-changing customer insights, but your instructors will also dig deep into concept testing and pricing and provide strategies for conducting VOC research on a budget.  

Connect with a cohort of likeminded product developers, managers, engineers, and customer experience professionals who innovate within companies large and small across a wide variety of industries. Our course is designed for collaboration, with plenty of time included to discuss and share ideas. 

Ready to become a VOC expert? Join us this June: 

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