Calling All Podcast Listeners: Check Out Kristyn Corrigan’s Latest Interview!

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) Principal Kristyn Corrigan was a featured guest on a recent episode of the Product Mastery Now podcast. Recorded at the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) Inspire Innovation Conference, Kristyn explains the three pillars of conducting effective Voice of the Customer (VOC) research within agile frameworks and provides valuable advice for product managers looking to implement VOC.

Listen to the episode now. 

The Product Mastery Now podcast is hosted by Chad McAllister, Ph.D., with each interview featuring product professionals discussing their successes, failures, and lessons learned. With over 400 episodes released, Chad and his guests share innovation tools and techniques to help product managers become product masters.   

Want to learn more about how to conduct VOC research and reap the benefits of understanding your customers on a deeper level?

AMS is offering a virtual VOC workshop from March 6th to 9th – and there's still time to register! 

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