Dr. Andrea Ruttenberg Discusses the Three-Step Voice of the Customer System on the Product Mastery Now Podcast

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) Associate Principal Andrea Ruttenberg, PhD was a featured guest on a new episode of the Product Mastery Now podcast. Episode 477: “Three-step Voice of the Customer (VOC) system” discusses market research essentials for product managers, focusing on the three main components of the VOC process. Listen to the episode here. 

In this episode, Andrea explains the tools and processes typically used by AMS consultants to conduct customer research, such as focused customer interviews, transcript analysis, and needs identification and prioritization. These techniques yield actionable, beyond-the-obvious customer insights. 

While AMS primarily focuses on systematic and in-depth VOC research, there are times when you need to glean customer insights on a short timeline. Andrea explains her VOC-in-a-pinch process to help market researchers uncover customer needs quickly through readily-available information sources. 

Hosted by Chad McAllister, PhD, Product Mastery Now helps product professionals master the seven knowledge areas for product mastery through in-depth interviews with product managers, leaders, and innovators.  

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Dr. Andrea Ruttenberg is an associate principal at AMS. She helps her clients use research to develop successful products, services, and experiences, build stronger brands, and make critical business decisions. In her more than ten years of experience in product development consulting, Andrea has worked with clients in a range of industries. In addition to consulting, she provides coaching and training to help innovators build their insights and market research capabilities.   

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