7 Modules, 4 Days: Set Yourself Up for Success by Listening to the Voice of the Customer

Research shows that companies who can satisfy customer needs enjoy greater commercial success. That seems simple enough, but are you uncovering the most important customer needs? The goal of Voice of the Customer (VOC) market research is to effectively uncover customer needs and then use the insights gleaned in the process to develop products and services.  

The process of uncovering customer needs entails more than simply asking your customers, “What do you want this product to include?” or “What are you missing from this product?” 

By using rigorous, proven methods such as VOC, you’ll be able to uncover needs that lie beyond the obvious – some of these will even be unstated or latent needs your customers don’t know they have. You’ll be able to see through your customers’ eyes so you can build products they want to buy. 

If you’re able to build your VOC skills in the first quarter, you’ll be perfectly set up to execute a VOC study at your organization – and perhaps even see some results from that study – before the year end.  

Don’t miss out on Applied Marketing Science’s upcoming customer insights course, “Listening to the Voice of the Customer,” taking place virtually from March 11th through the 14th. Join instructors Dr. Andrea Ruttenberg and John Mitchell to learn about VOC market research, build your insights skills, network with your cohort (who come from a range of industries and backgrounds), and participate in discussions to spark ideas.  

You’ll be led through 7 modules that cover topics such as customer-centric innovation, identifying your target customers, asking the right questions during customer interviews, and how to turn data into real insights. Over the course of 4 days, you'll gain a solid understanding of VOC fundamentals. By the end of Day 4, you’ll be prepared to execute a VOC study at your own organization.  

Ready to begin your customer insights journey? Our instructors can’t wait to teach you what you need to know for actionable insight and accelerated innovation. Get further details about “Listening to the Voice of the Customer” and register here: 

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