Sharpen Your Customer Interviewing and Observation Skills in 2024 [Virtual Workshop]

Do you wish you could get closer to your customers and find new ways to deliver winning innovations? Applied Marketing Science (AMS) will soon be hosting a virtual workshop on February 27th which will dive into customer interviewing and on-site observation to help innovators shed new light on previously unknown customer problems. 

Designed for those seeking to develop or further improve their qualitative research skills, "The Interviewer’s Edge: Unlocking Customer Insights Through Conversation” will demonstrate the importance of Voice of the Customer (VOC) research and provide tried-and-true techniques to add to your toolkit. While you'll gain a solid foundation of interviewing best practices and VOC theory, this will be a very hands-on workshop. Ample time will be dedicated to practicing your interviewing technique through role-playing activities, and you will have the opportunity to gain feedback from Andrea directly. You'll leave this session ready to conduct customer interviews that uncover actionable insights. 

Presented in partnership with the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), this workshop will be led by veteran market researcher Andrea Ruttenberg, Ph.D., Associate Principal at AMS. Andrea will share best practices for finding customer needs through in-depth interviewing and contextual observation, collected over her years of experience conducting market research experience for leading companies.  

All attendees of this PDMA workshop will receive the Customer Interviewing Micro-Certification, and NPDP-certified attendees will earn six professional development credits.  

Additional workshop details and registration information can be found at the link below – we hope to see you virtually in February! 

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Tags: Insights Training , Voice of the Customer , Andrea Ruttenberg, PhD

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