(Un)Spoken Insights: How You Can Use Interviews and Observation to Build Better Products [Virtual Workshop]

Do you wish you could get closer to your customers and find new ways to deliver winning innovations? Applied Marketing Science (AMS)’s upcoming virtual workshop – taking place from 10:00AM to 1:00PM ET on November 14 and 15 – will dive into customer interviews and on-site observation to help innovators shed new light on previously unknown customer problems.  

Designed for those seeking to improve their qualitative interviewing and observation skills, this interactive workshop will provide attendees with tried-and-true techniques to add to your toolkit. You’ll learn how to develop effective discussion guides, how to conduct good interviews, guidelines for ethnographic research, and more. The workshop includes hands-on exercises and role-playing to put learning and theory into practice. You'll leave this session ready to conduct customer interviews and ethnographies that uncover actionable insights. 

Presented in partnership with the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), this workshop will be led by veteran market researchers John Mitchell, President and Managing Principal at AMS, and Andrea Ruttenberg, Ph.D., Associate Principal at AMS and President of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the PDMA. 

John and Andrea will share their best practices for finding customer needs through in-depth interviewing and contextual observation, collected over decades of market research experience for the world’s leading companies.  

Attending this PDMA workshop earns six professional development credits for NPDP certified attendees.   

Learn more about “(Un)spoken Insights: Using Customer Interviews and Observation to Build Better Products” and register here: 

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Tags: Insights Training , Ethnography , Voice of the Customer , John Mitchell , Andrea Ruttenberg, PhD

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