Making Voice of the Customer a Built-In Capability for Your Company

Organizational processes have momentum. It’s not easy to implement a new process or adopt new best practices within an organi... read more →

Machine Learning: When Primary Research Becomes Secondary

What's your go-to strategy when you’re in-search of actionable insights to inform new product development? read more →

Frequently Asked Questions about Concept Testing

Question:  If you have multiple concepts, is it better to reveal and discuss them one at a time or revealing all of them at o... read more →

Customer Needs: A Critical Component of the Customer Journey Map

By John C. Mitchell A couple weeks ago, I attended my first-ever CXPA Insight Exchange, the annual conference of the Customer... read more →

Why Ask Why? Reasons for Pondering an Important Question

A recent discussion in an online community about qualitative research techniques focused on the old adage that moderators sho... read more →

Strengthen Your Brand with Claims Research

Effective advertising and packaging claims can strengthen brand image, reinforce or build brand personality and drive sales. ... read more →

Concept Testing: The One Question You Must Ask First

At many companies, concept testing is a routine market research exercise. Using qualitative methods like in-depth interviews ... read more →

Excuses, Excuses!  Overcoming Objections to Voice of the Customer Research

Executive leadership at one of my Voice of the Customer training clients talks about the importance of listening to customers... read more →

Understanding VOC Project Management from Project Managers Who’ve Done It

Let’s start at the beginning. What makes project management so different from other roles on a project team? read more →

Making Journey Mapping Work for You: Interview with AMS Customer Experience Innovation Expert John Burns

Let’s start at the beginning. What is journey mapping? Journey mapping is a way to identify all the touchpoints you have with... read more →

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