Spotlight: Meet John Burns

In the latest of our Spotlight Series, we’ll be speaking to John Burns, Principal at Applied Marketing Science. John has been... read more →

Technology Is Changing Ethnography. Are You Changing Too?

By John Burns, Ph.D. Ethnographies traditionally involve watching people live and in-person as they use your product or servi... read more →

What Makes for a Good Customer Journey Map? {Video}

Watch as Applied Marketing Science President and Managing Principal, John Mitchell, CCXP, discusses journey mapping, a growin... read more →

The Power of Patient Journey Maps

By John Mitchell If you are an innovator at a medical device or pharmaceutical company,  you probably routinely interview, ob... read more →

Developing Effective Long-Term Relationships with Field Partners

By Angela McCue Do you struggle to find high-quality field partners for your market research studies? So do I. I manage field... read more →

Why Many Customer Journey Maps Fail to Improve the Customer Experience

By John Burns, Ph.D. Many customer journey maps ultimately fail to improve the customer experience. Why do they fail? Often, ... read more →

5 Questions to Never Ask Your Customers

By Kristyn Corrigan As a follow up to her recent webinar, AMS Principal Kristyn Corrigan will be doing a three-part series ex... read more →

Three Market Research Hacks You Should Avoid

By John Burns, Ph.D. Kitchen hacks, decorating hacks, menu hacks, everything has a hack to make things easier these days. read more →

The Value and Validity of Machine Learning for Consumer Insights

By Carmel Dibner Recently, Doug Clark of Douglas Dynamics, a premier manufacturer of snow removal equipment, co-presented a w... read more →

Journey Mapping: Understanding Customers’ Critical Needs

By Kristyn Corrigan There’s certainly a lot of buzz around journey mapping as of recent.  And while many companies are buildi... read more →

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