Research Reflections: AMS Chairman and Co-Founder Bob Klein

In honor of Applied Marketing Science's 30th anniversary, AMS President and Managing Principal John C. Mitchell interviews se... read more →

Letter From the President

  Dear Friends,  2019 is a notable year for AMS, as we will mark the 30th anniversary of our founding. As we celebrate this m... read more →

Five Critical Success Factors for Better Customer Journey Maps

By Kristyn Corrigan As insights professionals, product developers and marketers, we all know that our key objective is to cre... read more →

How Customer Research Can Turn Around New Product Development

Are you: Struggling to find the right way to conduct research with customers? Tired of your team conducting research with cus... read more →

VOC Is Easy to Do Yourself, With the Right Training

By John C Mitchell Understanding customer needs—The Voice of the Customer—is a prerequisite to successful product and custome... read more →

What Value Is Your Business Getting from Your Customer Interactions?

By Andrea Ruttenberg, Ph.D. Recently, Andrea Ruttenberg, Senior Manager at Applied Marketing Science, and Wayne Huang, Resear... read more →

"Key Opinions" Shouldn't Be the Only Opinions That Matter

By John C Mitchell Product developers and managers at medical device firms are well-acquainted with “key opinion leaders.” Us... read more →

New Video: The Voice of the Customer

 Customer research is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools for innovation. And yet, your current customer research prob... read more →

Why Add Voice of the Customer Training to Your 2019 Plan

By Kristyn Corrigan It’s that time of year again. Meeting upon meeting to decide plans for 2019. I don’t know about you, but ... read more →

The Real Voice of the Customer: Don't Be Deceived

In my work conducting innovation training programs and product innovation consulting, I’m sometimes told, “We’ve done Voice o... read more →

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