How Customer Research Can Turn Around New Product Development

Are you: Struggling to find the right way to conduct research with customers? Tired of your team conducting research with cus... read more →

VOC Is Easy to Do Yourself, With the Right Training

By John C Mitchell Understanding customer needs—The Voice of the Customer—is a prerequisite to successful product and custome... read more →

Why Add Voice of the Customer Training to Your 2019 Plan

By Kristyn Corrigan It’s that time of year again. Meeting upon meeting to decide plans for 2019. I don’t know about you, but ... read more →

Spotlight Series: Meet Kristyn Corrigan

Tell us about your market research background. My interest in market research and consumer behavior began during my undergrad... read more →

Making Voice of the Customer a Built-In Capability for Your Company

Organizational processes have momentum. It’s not easy to implement a new process or adopt new best practices within an organi... read more →

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