Avoiding the Angry Customer Interview

At Applied Marketing Science, we train companies on best practices for conducting Voice-of-the-Customer interviews.  During t... read more →

The Biggest Lie Told about Voice of the Customer Research

Our team recently presented Voice of the Customer research findings to an industrial client. The room was filled with product... read more →

Voice of the Customer for Successful Innovation in Commoditized Markets

In some industries, where the pace of product change is slow, products undergo little to no functional change over many years... read more →

Understanding Complex Survey Design

By Patty Yanes Applied Marketing Science (AMS) Senior Manager Patty Yanes answers a few questions related to designing comple... read more →

How to Conduct Great Customer Interviews for New Product Development

Customer interviews involve asking questions.  Although virtually anybody can do this, conducting an effective Voice of the C... read more →

Why Ask Why? Reasons for Pondering an Important Question

A recent discussion in an online community about qualitative research techniques focused on the old adage that moderators sho... read more →

Excuses, Excuses!  Overcoming Objections to Voice of the Customer Research

Executive leadership at one of my Voice of the Customer training clients talks about the importance of listening to customers... read more →

Understanding VOC Project Management from Project Managers Who’ve Done It

By Patty Yanes and Andrea Ruttenberg, Ph.D. Let’s start at the beginning. What makes project management so different from oth... read more →

Two AMS Articles Recently Featured in Industry Publications

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) is proud to announce that both President John Mitchell and Senior Manager Amanda Ford have re... read more →

Two AMS Articles Awarded 2015 Best of Visions Finalist Award by PDMA

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) is proud to announce that both Vice Chairman Gerry Katz and Principal John Burns, Ph.D. have ... read more →

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